Communication and Leadership Skills

“What’s on the Telly, Mate?”

The inspiration for this fun theme was from our chairperson, Ilona, who is originally from Russia. Ilona revealed shared that when she moved to Australia, she used the telly to help practice her English and accent.  

So, for our warm-up, we went around the room and each person spoke for 45 seconds about this theme.

Some of the highlights:

  • Felipe has been sucked in by Dexter and is in the midst of a good binge watch, something very out of character for him
  • Karen spoke about watching something way outside her comfort zone in the name of research – Trump’s Ohio rally
  • Paul and Kieron suggested Australian classics for Ilona to check out – Skippy and Housos. And we learned that Kesh had auditioned for Housos but wasn’t permitted to proceed to the second round!
  • Jeff revealed that when his family moved from Ireland many years ago, they decided not to get a TV and still don’t have one!
  • David talked about competing with three daughters for TV time and once again recommended The World’s Toughest Race – Eco Challenge Fiji
  • Sylvia recommended My Octopus Teacher – a documentary currently showing on Netflix


Therese gave the toast, having us raise our glasses to Victorians being out of lockdown.

Sylvia served in the role of timer for the first time.

Karen was grammarian and chose the word “disinformation”, inspired by the Trump Ohio rally she watched.

Prepared Speeches

We had three prepared speeches tonight:

  • Jeff gave a prepared speech about his leadership style. This speech was part of the Toastmasters curriculum he is completing.
  • Filimon gave a speech called “Mastery”, inspired by Stewart Emery’s work. 
  • Paul gave a speech about why we do evaluations in Toastmasters, with tips on how to give an evaluation.

Table Topics

Table Topics was a lot of fun tonight, with Bacchus using a very creative approach as Table Topics Master. He made a Halloween-themed random generator and had each speaker choose a colour and a number to reveal the theme.  

We spoke about vampires, cracked mirrors, skeletons, zombies, pumpkins, cemeteries, spiders, haunted houses and Friday the 13th! 

Once again, it was a great night.  

You’re Invited!

I hope these meeting summaries give you a flavour of what our meetings and culture are like at St Kieran’s Manly Vale. We meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.  We’d love to have you as our guest. Simply email our VP Membership, Eva Meagher, for more details.  Link is on our home page or email toastmastersmanlyvale at outlook dot com

(Why do we write the email address that way? So that we can avoid phishing/spam bots!).


Karen Robertson. Toastmasters St Kieran’s Manly Vale VP PR.